HOA Annual Dues

Spruce Hill Estates HOA 2021 Fee Notice

Our apologies to all SHEHOA residents, but we had a delay sending the annual payment coupon/invoice for the HOA assessment. There was a delay in production, but coupons have now been mailed.  Owners should receive them later this week or the first of next week. If owners already have the information to make their payment online they can do so at this time.  HOA Dues for 2021 are $585.64.

If owners would like to pay their assessment online please go to www.clagett.com and click on pay assessment (or click here). There are 3 ways to pay online, E-check is free, Debit card is a small fee, Credit Card is 3% fee. They will need the following information:

Management ID #6972

Association ID# 212

Account/Unit ID# (search by address to get this information)

Although the assessment is due at this time, there is still plenty of  time to get your payment in before any late fee would be applicable.

If you have any questions/issues/concerns, please email our property manager, Renee Sanders, at rsanders@clagett.com.

Thank you,

SHEHOA Board of Directors